Wendy Ward Rusholme A-line skirt

I was very excited to buy myself a copy of Wendy Ward’s new book ‘A beginners guide to making skirts’ this week.


Whether they are aimed at beginners or someone with a bit more dressmaking experience, I love getting new sewing and knitting books. There is always something new to learn and/or lust over. In the case of Wendy’s new book, even though I am not a beginner, I figured there would be some good basic skirt patterns in there that I could adapt and use with my GCSE textiles class. img_2647

I was right. This book is lovely and has patterns and  detailed instructions to make 24 different skirts from 8 basic shapes. I decided to make the skirt featured on the front cover  – the Rusholme A-line skirt – out of a small bit of blue chambray I had left over from another project. I cut a simple version of the skirt – no waist band or pockets – with a centre front seam. If I was making this again I think I would like to add pockets – because pockets – but I just didn’t have enough fabric this time.



I took my time over this skirt. I followed all the instructions exactly as Wendy gave them and let myself slow down and enjoy the process. I didn’t make a toile but I did take the time to fit it to my waist and hips as I went along, and the result is a simple skirt that fits me beautifully. And can we just have a moment to appreciate that topstitching.



  1. Looking good in your very nicely fitting skirt, Wendy! I would never be able to sew such a lovely, straight, loooong line of top-stitching! You rock, Girl! 😃 Also, the skirt without pockets looks very slenderizing on you! But, must admit I can barely get through a day without pockets!😉


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