Completed: Tilly & the Buttons Cleo Dress

Happy Holidays! I hope you are having/have had a lovely festive period.

I am having a super relaxing Christmas break at home with my boyfriend and our kittens and I am even managing to fit in some sewing and knitting in between the eating, drinking and quality snoozing on the sofa.

The first of the finished festive sewing projects is a really lovely Cleo Dungaree Dress, the latest pattern by Tilly & the Buttons.


I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it but I wasn’t sure if it would work on my body shape. I am fairly slim but I have a definite hour glass shape and, as this dress is cut quite generously in the waist and hip area (so it pulls on easily without a zip) I worried it might make my hips looks bigger than they are. Then I saw how sassy the Crafty Pin Up looks in her version and my mind was made up!

I really like the dark blue 1950s style denim so I ordered this for my Cleo, along with dungaree clips and buttons, from Minerva Crafts. It was a tough decision between blue denim and mustard needlecord though. I am probably going to have to make a second version of this dress!

Very helpful, Delia

According to my measurements, I cut a size 4 of the mini length version, with one front pocket, and made no alterations to the pattern other than to slightly widen the straps so that they fit in my dungaree clips better.

Daphne also lends a hand

Once I had managed to get the cats off the fabric, it was a breeze to sew up. Like all Tilly patterns, the instructions are so easy to follow and are illustrated beautifully with colour photos. I managed to get the whole thing made over two afternoons. It maybe takes a little longer than you would expect due to all the top stitching. I have said it before in this blog but I absolutely love top stitching. I love how focussed I have to be and how the whole world around me disappears while I am in that top stitching moment! Bliss!

And here is the finished dress….


I am so happy with it. The fit is perfect and I love the dark blue fabric and the contrasting mustard top stitching. I might replace the buttons with something slightly bigger as the clips have a tendency to come undone but otherwise it is perfect. I’ve worn it out already and got so many compliments. A really great dress.



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