Completed: New Look 6314

This is the dress I made to accompany a two part tutorial on perfecting the fit of princess seams for the Minerva Craft Blog.

Such a great summer dress. Just need some sun to go with it! Part one of the tutorial is up on the Minerva Craft Blog now. 



  1. It looks like a wonderful summer dress! Does it have pockets as well? I will definitely be checking out the tutorial since I have just purchased a dress pattern with princess seams! I actually tend to shy away from princess seams because I feel like they always “smooth out” (as in my bust becomes a flattened lump) my body rather than flatter it, but I think that’s because I’ve never sewn my own princess seams, I’ve only ever tried on commercially produce clothing with princess seams!

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    • Thank you! It does have pockets, yes! Definitely check out the tutorial. This week I talk about how to alter the bust and how to do a tissue fit. Then part 2 is up next Thursday. Hope it is helpful. I love princess seams!

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