The Wendy Project – Finding My Style

Hello again!

Firstly I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who gave me such lovely comments  – both here and on Instagram  –  for the princess seam bodice tutorial I did for the Minerva Crafts Blog. Even though I am a sewing teacher, it was the first time I have done a blog tutorial. I really loved writing it and I’m definitely going to start doing more of them on this blog,  as well as more collaborations with Minerva.

This week I have been thinking a bit more about my style and how I can direct that towards my handmade wardrobe plans.  After all my musings about not knowing my style in this post, I was teaching a lesson in school this week and one of my lovely 6th formers was talking to me about my current sewing projects  (currently got the Anise jacket and a Gertie princess seam bodice dress on the sewing table FYI). Out of the blue she told me: “I love that you have such a strong sense of your own style. Everything that you wear fits your style. It’s so great.”

Such adorable words from a 17 year old!

So perhaps I am not as lost with my style as I maybe thought I was, it just needs a little bit of tweaking and refining!

For my personal style audit,  aka the Wendy Project, this week I have been looking closely at my RTW wardrobe and picking out five things that I love to wear and asking myself why.

In no particular order then, here are five of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe (not modelled by me, obviously).

1. Box pleat black textured skirt by Gok Wan for Sainsburys.


I love this skirt and I especially love that it came from a supermarket! I really like the box pleats and the dramatic volume that the skirt has. I feel like a dancer when I wear it. That can only be a good thing, right?! This skirt rarely needs ironing. This could be a reason I wear it so often. I really,  really don’t like ironing. It is also a great winter skirt and looks fab with thick black tights. It’s fully lined and feels like a good quality skirt even though it came from a supermarket. I once had to visit Vivienne Westwood HQ for a meeting and I wore this skirt. I was really hoping someone would ask me where I got it from. Sadly Viv was not in that day and no one asked about my skirt!

2. Black cashmere cardigan from French Connection


I like close fitting, good quality knitwear and this cardigan is a perfect example. Soft cashmere makes me feel like I am being hugged.

3. Vintage reproduction sea-shell print summer dress from Collectif


I’m not crazy about the sea-shell print to be honest but I absolutely love the fit of this RTW dress. It seriously could have been made for me. A lovely fit and flare vintage shape which is insanely flattering. Nips me in at the waist and flares out perfectly at the hips. The fit of the bust is so good that I can get away without wearing a bra ( I am 40 years-old – scaffolding is usually needed!).

4. Blue and ivory v-neck t-shirt by French Connection


I rarely wear t-shirts but I really like this one. I love the low neckline and the ivory panel on the front is so flattering. It is just a t-shirt but the softness of the fabric (a lovely lightweight viscose), the slim cut and the panel detail make it seem a bit more luxurious.

5. Vintage reproduction jumpsuit from Collectif


This is a crazy print, and it is louder than I normally wear, but I love this vintage repro jumpsuit. It makes me feel like Agent Peggy Carter going on holiday!


So what have I learned and what can I take to my homemade wardrobe plans? Hmmm. Well I don’t like ironing and I don’t like wearing bras! Haha!  Also, I like good quality knitwear and fabrics. I like well fitting, structured clothes rather than loose fitting garments. I like vintage styles. If I am going to wear basics and wardrobe staples, like t-shirts, then they need to have something a bit luxurious or different about them. I like clothing that is a bit quirky and maybe a bit dramatic.

So maybe this is my style and what I should focus on. I’m making notes here for my sewing plans!

Join me next time, where I will share some celebrities whose style I admire and relate to.



  1. It’s always interesting how someone else’s perception of us can be so different from our own! In my last year of university a classmate told me he really admired how “put-together, calm and prepared” I “always was… I do think sometimes that other peoples perspectives can be more true than our own (especially when it comes to appearances, I find we are always skewed about our own appearances). In this case my classmate was just plain wrong, I am not a calm person, just good at putting on a calm front!

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