The Wendy Project – Style Icons

Hey there,

I have had the week off work this week for half-term break and have been sewing like a demon. I actually had all kinds of activities planned for the week including a couple of fashion exhibitions and fabric shopping trips,  but in reality I have barely left the warmth of my living room. I’m not remotely sorry about that.

It has been a half term well spent  – as well as some much needed time doing nothing, I have got two of my #makenine2017 projects completed. A Colette Patterns Anise Jacket and a knit version of the princess seam bodice/A line skirt dress from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book.

I’ll do a blog post on both of them soon but here is a sneak peek of my jacket – held together with pins as it still needs buttons. You can tell from my happy face that I am quite pleased with this one.


So I am still thinking about my style and how this translates into my making. At the moment my making goes like this: like a fabric – like a pattern – make the thing.  With no thought as to how much I will wear it, if it goes with anything, if it will suit me.

Case in point – I made this Colette Patterns Ceylon Dress a couple of years ago. Lovely pattern, lovely pink floral fabric. Looked absolutely awful on me and seriously, what was I thinking? Pink florals, and this style of dress, are so not me! All that work and I never even wore it. Soon after this photo was taken, the dress went into a charity collection bin.


I am hoping that through this little self-discovery journey, that I am affectionally calling The Wendy Project, I can identify my style as well as my clothing needs. I am hoping that it will help me to make better choices with regards to what I make rather than just churning out garment after garment.

This week I have been thinking about celebrity style, and the style of fictitious characters, whose wardrobes I admire. This was actually a lot harder to do than I imagined!

Here a few of those I came up with:

Louisa Clark in the film Me Before You. She is a lot younger than me, and this style is far too young for me, but I am drawn to the quirkiness of her wardrobe. All the way through this film I was ooh and aahing at her clothing.  The red dress  in particular is so beautiful.

Peggy Carter in Agent Carter. Love love love. I want to marry her entire wardrobe. That blue and red dress. Aaah be still my heart.  I don’t know how comfortable I would feel dressing like this all the time though.

Jess in New Girl. Dresses/cardigans/a bit cutesy. This is pretty much how I dress 80% of the time (the other 20% of the time my look is just lazy and a bit meh) but I am not quite as well put together as Jess.  I don’t feel particularly well put together anyway.


Audrey in Twin Peaks. Possibly a bit too preppy for me but she just looks cool a/f. Pencil skirts and tight knitwear are always a winning combination for me.


Paloma Faith. I am absolutely not a fan of her music but I can’t deny she has some great clothes. Well done Paloma’s stylist. These box pleats are just dreamy.


The entire female cast of Land Girls.  I love the 1940s blouses and I absolutely can not resist vintage knitwear. I really need to start tackling some vintage knitting patterns. So beautiful.


What have I learned from this? Well, nothing really. I have always known I love 1940s/1950s vintage and that I favour a quirky and feminine ensemble with some good knitwear. I think the key thing for me is to think about how I can now start to combine these features in my handmade wardrobe, to create pieces that work together as a collection and that I would want to wear.

Well that was fun. I have a sudden urge  to watch some Twin Peaks now.


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