Tilly & the Buttons Cleo Dress (version 2)

Every now and then a pattern comes along that you just adore.

For me it’s this, the Cleo dungaree dress by Tilly & the Buttons.

I made a denim version of this in December and I wear it all of the time.  One Cleo in my wardrobe is simply not enough though so here is my second – a lovely soft aubergine needlecord version.

You can read about the construction and my thoughts on this pattern (spoiler: I love it) in my original post here.


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  1. Fab!! I must buy this Pattern 🙂 can you tell me where you got your needle cord from? I was hoping to find some in a similar colour to make Tilly’s shirt dress x


    1. WendyStitch says:

      Thank you! It’s a great pattern. Ooh a needlecord Rosa shirt dress would be lovely. I actually got the fabric and clips as a kit directly from Tilly but I have seen similar in Guthrie & Ghanie and Minerva Crafts.

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  2. Clémence says:

    It’s very cute! I love the colour too. Is needlecord the same as corduroy?

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    1. WendyStitch says:

      Thanks! I think needle cord might be a bit thinner than corduroy but basically the same thing!


  3. Lynsey says:

    Super Cleo, lovely colour. Just brought this pattern and can’t wait to give it a try.


    1. WendyStitch says:

      Thanks Lynsey. It’s so quick and easy to sew.The denim one that I made on Christmas Eve is one of my most worn makes!


  4. carmensews says:

    So awesome! I need this pattern!

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    1. WendyStitch says:

      Thank you! You definitely need this pattern. I am wondering if I need to make a third! I probably do 😊

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      1. carmensews says:

        Go for it! 😀


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