Simplicity 1887 or These Are Not Carrie Trousers


I’ve been thinking a bit about age appropriate clothing lately. I’m 40-years-old… is that too old for denim Cleo dunga-dresses? Are the little dresses that I wear, and think I look cute in, actually making people think ‘she’s mutton dressed as lamb’?

These are thoughts that frequently enter my brain until I swat them the hell out of there and wear what I damn well want. Ladies (and it’s usually just ladies that have to deal with this age appropriate nonsense) please don’t be dictated to by the age appropriate fashion police. They’re not going to come after you with sirens blazing because you are wearing the wrong jeans beyond 30. What the hell are the wrong jeans anyway? Wear what you want, be happy, and I will continue to do the same.

Now we’ve got that straight, I have a confession to make  – I have been coveting some elastic waist trousers for the last few months. Is this my first foray into middle aged clothing? Maybe. Mostly, I just like how they look.

The trousers I have been lusting after are the Carrie Trousers by Sew Over It. Currently only available as a part of an online course, together with the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers.

Lisa Comfort looking amazing, as always, in her Carrie Trousers

The problem is that I don’t want the course. I’m sure it is fabulous but I have already made the Ultimate Trousers and I don’t really need the accompanying instructional video, so it would be a waste of money for me.

So I’ve had a good search online to find something similar… or at least easily adaptable… so I can make a pair of Carrie look-a-likes.

Enter Simplicity 1887.


Look how similar they are.

Loose-fitting through the leg with a slight tapering at the ankle. An elasticated waist with a flattering flat-front, together with pleats at the front and slanted pockets at the side seams.

These are the summer trousers of my dreams.

1887 1

I made mine from a slate grey geometric print Tana Lawn from Liberty of London. I’m a bit obsessed with Liberty fabric and, at the time of writing, there’s a half price sale on selected fabrics including this one. Stock up!

1886 5

My measurements have me at a size 16 in this pattern but there is so much ease in these trousers that I ended up cutting a size 10, with a size 12 waist band. Just FYI, my ready to wear size in trousers is usually a UK 12.

1887 3

Amazingly, even after I had gone down three sizes, the trousers were still MASSIVE through the legs. I had to take a further four inches off each outer leg seam. I’m not exaggerating.

1886 2

I’m so happy with the finished result though. Practical, super comfy AND an elasticated waist. Middle aged dressing for the win. These are not Carrie trousers, but they may as well be.


1886 4




  1. The symmetry here is staggering…I came about this pattern for exactly the same reasons as you! Craving the Carrie but not wanting the course! I haven’t cut mine out but they’re second in my to do list! I really appreciate this post and will size down too! Yours look absolutely spot on and woohoo love that it’s a liberty print too! I’m using viscose for my first pair…I might have to check out that half price liberty sale though for any future pairs. Great and for me, very timely post!!! Xxx

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  2. They look fab and I definitely don’t think they are middle aged! As my Marigold trouser attempt when so disasterously wrong I have been tempted by the Carrie’s but it’s a lot of money! These do look so similar though, perfect summer trousers!! Ps I think your style is fab, I think age only comes in to mini skirts, short crop tops and anything my daughter would wear 😀

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