A bumper bunch of un-blogged makes


I can’t believe it’s the end of August already and I am back at school next week. I’m looking forward to it though. Much as I love having six weeks off, there is something quite pleasing about returning to work at the start of a new academic year. When I was pupil at school, I used to love this time of year and the new stationery and uniform that came with it. Funnily enough I have exactly the same feelings going back to school as a teacher.

It will mean I have much less time for sewing though…. and blogging.

I have made a few things during the last few weeks of the holidays but I’ve been feeling too lazy to blog them, so they have just been appearing on my Instagram.  Sorry not sorry about that.

Also my excuse is that it is really difficult trying to get photos that I think are blog worthy when I don’t have a garden and feel too self conscious taking photos in public, on my own with a tripod. I did try getting my boyfriend to take some but that almost ended in tears and DIVORCE, so best to avoid that route.

But mostly I have just been feeling too lazy to blog. Hey, it’s summer,  I’m relaxing here.

I do like my blog to be a catalogue of my makes though, so I don’t want to leave them out.

So, to cut a long story short, here are a few un-blogged things I have made this summer with some un-blog worthy photos to accompany them.

Deer and Doe Hoya Blouse



I made this so long ago now that I can’t remember the size that I cut. I remember that I went down a size smaller than my measurements suggested though, as it has a lot of ease.

Made in a lovely double gauze from Minerva Crafts, the front sections of this blouse are lined with the main fabric so they have ended up being quite thick – double double gauze (quadruple gauze?) As a result the top is quite boxy but I absolutely love it. The weight of the fabric and the style of the top combined remind me of a traditional Japanese padded wrap jacket.

I’ll probably make another in a more drapey fabric but overall I am really pleased with how this turned out.


True Bias Emerson Shorts


I made these at the start of the holidays for my holiday to Montenegro and wore them to death on holiday. I haven’t worn them in England yet but they are a length that I am fairly comfortable with, so I will wear them.

Nothing much to say about them really. They were a quick an easy make using fabric left over from my Vintage Shirt Dress. 

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Hunter Tank


A quick stash buster of a top using fabric left over from my Gertie surplice dress. I’ll definitely make this again but I’ll lengthen it a little bit so it doesn’t expose so much tummy. I do love the flamingos and the vintage style of this top though.

A quick and satisfying make and, as with all Jennifer Lauren patterns, I didn’t need to do an FBA. Win!

Flamingo dirndl skirt


More flamingos! I love this print so much. My last summer make before I start sewing my autumn/winter wardrobe.

This is a self drafted skirt. Three rectangles of fabric sewn together and gathered, with a waist band and zip fastening. I have made so many of these over the years that I only measure the waist band piece and just eye ball the rest of the pieces. But if you want to have a go of making one and are unsure of sizes, then there are loads of online tutorials.

That’s it for my bumper crop of summer makes. Well done if you made it to the end! I’ll get back into the habit of ‘proper’ blogging once the holidays are over.



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