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Completed: Tilly & the Buttons Margot Pyjamas

How have I never made myself a pair of pyjama bottoms before? Seriously?  I’ve made literally hundreds of pairs with my GCSE textiles classes. It is always the project I start off with at the start of the year, before they are let loose on their coursework.

In the spirit of slowing down and going back to basics with my sewing, I decided to make myself a pair of Margot Pyjamas from Tilly Waldnes’s gorgeous beginners’ book ‘Love at First Stitch’, with this amazing deer print jersey by Girl Charlee.

There’s pretty much no difference between Tilly’s pattern and the one I use with my  GCSE students (they are pyjama bottoms, there’s not going to be much variation) so all very easy and straight forward.  And, as ever, Tilly’s instructions are very clear and detailed.

I made no adjustments to the fit or length of the pyjamas and just cut straight out for my  size (38″ hips, 30″ waist). The only minor change I made was to add elastic to the drawstring waist, just because I thought they would be more comfy that way.
I sewed up the leg and crotch seams with an overlocker and used a walking foot and straight stitch for everything else.  My 6 month old kittens still won’t let me sew or knit at home, so these were made during a couple of lunch breaks. One of the many benefits of being a sewing teacher!